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Do you remember those old London Life Freedom 55 commercials?

The one where a man in his 30’s wearing a suit and carrying a brief case is chasing after a bus on his way to work.

Miraculously, he gets zapped into the future where he’s now running alongside an older man through the sand on a sunny palm tree filled beach. The first man realizes the second man is an older version of himself and is pleasantly surprised to see how exuberant the older man is in comparison to himself.

They briefly talk as they run together and it’s explained that the older man is 55 years-old, retired and enjoying life. Relieved and awestruck that things turn out so well, the younger man asked “When do we start running?” and the older man says, “After the twins are born”.

“The twins!?” the younger man asks startled as he trips and falls into the sand. He looks up and sees the older version of himself continuing to run along the beach into the sun.

It’s a great commercial. It speaks to a desired truth we all have. It’s the desire that our hard work will pay off one day so that we may enjoy an enriched life as we age.

A Small Team on a Big Mission: to Help You Retire Faster

Although times have changed and it’s well understood that most people are working longer and retiring later in today’s world. For most people, the dream of retiring at 55 was just that—a dream. However, we’ve personally witnessed people in our own professional network retire by 45, even with middle-class incomes.

How, you might ask?

With real estate investing. I’m sure you’re already well informed about how lucrative real estate investing can be. You’ve probably already:

  1. consumed a bunch of info online
  2. read a couple books about different investment strategies
  3. maybe you’ve even attended a training class or two.

You’re probably looking to acquire more real estate in your portfolio. You’re serious about wanting to buy an income property, fill it with a tenant and reap the rewards. But you’re hesitating to follow through. You should know that we completely understand.

Real estate is a tricky asset. It’s highly profitable over the long-term but it’s difficult to get into. Unlike stocks and bonds you can trade in your PJs on your laptop all by yourself, investing in real estate generally requires you to get out and meet new people to build your professional network. It’s difficult to be a real estate investor all on your own. And it’s also hard to trust other people.

Titan is a Team You Can Trust

We understand your trust can’t be bought, it needs to be earned.

That’s what makes Titan Investment Real Estate’s Freedom 45 Program different from everything else out there.

We are not selling you anything here. There is no weekend training bootcamp or membership subscription. Our Freedom 45 Program is more like an application or a recruitment process. We’re looking for people who want to do business in real estate. We are looking for people who want to get in on deals and opportunities with other investors. We are looking for people who want to expand their professional network. We’re like an open community and we want to know if you’re interested in joining.

When you decide to join the Freedom 45 Program and work with the Titan team, you’re working with industry-leading professionals. The members of our team have won the Realtor of the Year award for four consecutive years from recognized organizations like REIN (Real Estate Investment Network) and the Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine.

It’s because of this combined expertise that we’ve been able to develop the Freedom 45 Program.

5 Steps to Success with the Titan Team

When you decide to work with Titan, you’re making an investment in your future. We’ll pair you with one of our licensed real estate investment coaches, who will be your guide throughout your entire investment journey.

  • Step 1: Creating Your Vision for the Future

    Some people think it takes an elite education, or a lot of income, or age to become successful. It’s just not true.

    We have personally witnessed people from all walks of life, whether it be a high school graduate or a surgical doctor, blue collar or white collar; what truly makes a difference is taking action. Believe it or not, only ONE in FOUR people ever take action.

    Having a strong enough WHY will determine if you ever take action or not.

    It’s important to understand why you want to invest. The money is nice but what does it get you?

  • Step 2: Designing the Right Investment Strategy Specifically for You

    After getting to know you, your goals, your resources (time, capital, credit, skills, etc.) and risk tolerances, we can narrow your focus on a single strategy in a single city to expedite your trajectory up the learning curve. When it comes to real estate investing there really is only a small handful of best practices you need to follow. We’ll guide you and keep you on track.

  • Step 3: We’ll Take You on Educational Tours

    Once we have a strategy, we will book a time with you to tour existing investment properties and potential investment properties. There is no pressure to buy, this is part of the process for you to learn about neighbourhoods, both sale and rental market, and home construction.

  • Step 4: Implementation & Execution

    Investors make money by owning property, once we have identified a property that suits your strategy we will assist you with the paperwork and negotiations to acquire said property.

  • Step 5: Renovating for ROI & Tenant Acquisition

    Investors make money by owning property, once we have identified a property that suits your strategy we will assist you with the paperwork and negotiations to acquire said property.

Now’s Your Chance to Get Started

Not everyone is cut out for real estate investing. Not everyone is an action-taker. But if you want to be one of the 1-in-4 people who DOES take action, then fill out the web form on this page. Or call us for immediate service at 289 288 5019. You’ll get an answer from a real live person, not an automated message. We want to see you succeed. This is your chance to do it now so don’t wait any longer.