The Greater Toronto Area has seen a lot of action in the real estate market since the recession of 2008. Since then we’ve written real estate investing articles of all sorts.

As a team of real estate investment experts with many years of hands on experience we can tell you that we really like the growth we’re seeing west of Toronto across the Golden Horseshoe.

We’ve dedicated ourselves to researching and finding the best investment opportunities based on sound economic principles like supply and demand. We’ve organized our research into real estate investing articles based on cities of interest. You’ll find that we’ve taken the time to cover a range of topics on each city covering things like

  • population trends
  • zoning bylaws
  • transportation and infrastructure expansions
  • economic development projects
  • and the general health and state of local real estate markets throughout western areas of the GTA

We’ve come a long way over the years and we’ll continue sharing our stories, guides, opinions, insights, strategies, and experiences right here.

Real Estate Investing Articles