This is Titan Investment Real Estate and we’re bringing you the latest real estate news today covering the west side of the GTA. We’re a small group of active real estate investors with affiliations with the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN) and Rock Star Real Estate.

We put this page together to curate the best information you need to know, whether you’re a first time investor or someone with experience looking to try new investment strategies.

Look at it this way, everyone on our team started getting involved in real estate investing and buying up income properties after the 2008 recession. And in that time since, none of us have ever regretted the decision to buy up and own some real estate beyond our own primary residences. Not only are our bank accounts richer but so are our lives.

One reason we want to bring this real estate news today is because of how crazy the run up in home prices have been throughout the Greater Toronto Area from 2008 until now. We all had our suspicions that things would turn out well for people who invested in income producing hard assets like good cash flowing rental properties.

Recently, there have been some policy changes like the rent controls and the tax on foreign buyers as well as interest rates that have inched a small bit upwards after a long period of being so low. It’s all created some slow down and stagnation in the overheated growth we saw in the first two quarters of 2017.

Despite these dips and fluctuations we are still bullish on real estate and we think you should be too. Please find below articles covering different topics, issues, strategies and resources.